The Gifted

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
11 hours 19 minutes
New York, mid-21st century.

Things aren't going well for Aiden. Not long ago he was a successful lawyer with a swanky East Village apartment and a glamorous fiancé. Now he is faced with the ruins of his existence and on top of that he has the feeling that he is going insane.

Wanda is used to being tight on cash. She finds it unusual that her new client pays her a decent advance right away, but there's nothing normal about this job anyway.

Actually, Aiden and Wanda live in completely different worlds. In fact, they wouldn't meet. But both sense that secrets are lurking behind the facade of the gray city, where the weather is constantly going crazy. And somehow these mysteries are related to them...

This is the 1st part of The Gifted Saga.
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Pol Reamonn

Interesting premise but I just couldn't get into the story or the characters. I might have to give this another listen.

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narrator not to my liking could not listen to more than a few sentences only

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I was attracted by the title and description and it might be that as it's a series it might develop further. Too fantasy and not enough sci-fi for me. The dialogue seemed more aimed at young adults, which I am not adverse to as I read/ listen to many YA novels. Well narrated. If you're into witches and wizard themes you'll like it.

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Willow T.

By the end I was quite invested and I'm looking forward to a sequel. However, it took a while to pick up and I was bored more than not in the first half. Over and over and over and over, we'd find the main characters being told some variety of "we'll talk later". Maybe just talk now and get the plot going sooner.

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