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Girl in a Sect - A True Story

Written by:
Linnéa Kuling
Narrated by:
Sofia Engstrand

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
10 hours 30 minutes
Linnéa Kuling was a child brought up in the infamous pentecostal sect in Knutby, Sweden, where one person was murdered and another shot. This is her story about growing up in the innermost circle of the Bride of Christ, and about how her safe haven turned into total darkness.

When she was little and her family moved to Knutby, it was like coming home. They were welcomed into a loving and warm community that they thought would be paradise. It became hell. The family was torn apart, her mother would no longer be her mother, Linnéa would be the daughter of Christ's bride.

Despite this – not everything in Knutby was bad. Linnéa gives a unique insight into one of Sweden's most talked about sects - through the eyes of a child. It's a story about trying to fit in and seek confirmation in a capricious community where love is conditional and the adults' betrayal of the children is immense. It is also a story about putting aside one's own will to devote one's life to something greater, to do good.
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Andrew P.

surprisingly good .. a very in depth study of what it means to grow up and live in a cult. How close the experience is to growing up in "normal " society with bullying and manipulation of basic human emotions and desires. recommended

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Alyssa O.

This is a captivating read with an excellent narrator. If you try to look up information about this sect in English, you'll get some stuff about the Knutby shooting, but this book is an autobiographical deep dive into what life is like for a young person being gradually consumed by a cult. Oh, that's another thing: this story has been translated from Swedish into British English, so "sect" here doesn't just mean a specific denomination--it means a cult. If they had titled the book "Girl in a Cult", it might attract more American readers. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this one. I can't wait to see how the author ends up leaving the sect/cult. I just had to leave a review when I saw it only had 3.5 stars. It's way more interesting than that, and it's a true story.

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great insight into the daily life of a sect and the impact such things can have in adulthood. I appreciate this story was translated!

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