Go West, Young Man

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
10 hours 36 minutes
Missouri, 1860. Rumors of war between the North and South are spreading
across the land. In rural Green County, many of the farmers are already choosing
sides. But not John Zachary. His loyalties lie with his family first—and his heart is
telling him to go west. Hoping to build a new life in the fertile valleys of Oregon,
he convinces his best friend, Emmett Braxton, to pack up their families and join
him on a wagon train across the Oregon Trail. The journey will be long and hard.
The physical hardships and grueling mental challenges will bring out the best in
some—and the worst in others. But with the guidance of an experienced wagon
master and scout, they are determined to reach their destiny, no matter how high
the cost …
Twenty-seven wagons. Twenty-seven different hopes and dreams. This
sprawling epic novel from these master storytellers captures the beauty and
danger of the American West—and the pioneer spirit of those who tamed it …
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