The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement - 30th Aniversary Edition

Written by:
Eliyahu Goldratt , Jeff Cox
Narrated by:
Ensemble Cast

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2014
11 hours 45 minutes
In celebration of thirty years since the first publication of Eliyahu Goldratt’s essential business classic, HighBridge is proud to present an expanded audio edition of The Goal, featuring the original novel, plus case study reviews, and the author’s highly regarded essay “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” Also included is an audio archive exclusive featuring Eliyahu Goldratt in conversation about the significance-both personal and professional-of his breakthrough work.Alex Rogo is the manager of a failing manufacturing plant who receives an ultimatum from corporate headquarters: Turn the situation around in three months or the plant will be scrapped. With help from a mysterious mentor, Rogo discovers a revolutionary new way to do business-a way for people in any field of endeavor to increase productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment.The story of Alex’s fight to save his plant contains a serious message for all managers in industry and explains the ideas which underline the Theory of Constraints (TOC) developed by Dr. Goldratt. First published in 1984, The Goal has changed how America does business.
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Great book!

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Manuela B.

Really loved the book and the narrative.

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Richard R.

I was like an old time radio show with all the actors. Best book for any plant manager or production manager.

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One of the most information books that every business student should read. Great narration as well

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Marcos R.

One of the most career formative book for our management team in terms of aligning our company to The Goal!

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Ricardo M.

This book is really amazing

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Tertius V.

Brilliant book a must read!

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Margaret C.

Great book. I have seen these principles at my work place and reading this is just a great revision to me. Wish I read/ listened this book earlier. Narrator is fantastic as well

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Trevor S.

Best way to manage any business and personal life

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Joe D

Really enjoyed it

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Gary S

Great book, narrator makes it enjoyable to listen to.

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Maria InĂªs G

Amazing book! Easy and fun way of explaining the management problems manufacturing organisations deal with today because of wrong assumptions. You find yourself solving the puzzle at the same time as the main caracter.

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Dejanu A

This book is a must! A very best and really helpful books.

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Mark Tafoya

Interesting and smart way to look at common problems. Narration was entertaining. Sounded like Kevin Spacey.

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Jason Akatiff

Great book on looking at things as processes from different angles in how to solve age old problems. Was a great listen and got great actionable info from it.

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Nandan Ghosale

Top class content perhaps difficult to grasp in one read. It is staged very nicely from beginner level to expert. Very entertaining narration, 11 hrs just flew by.

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Hillary Moran

Really helpful book for an operations management course I am taking in university. Found the dialogue a little dry while reading on my own, but this audiobook made the book so much more interesting and easy to read!

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Andrew Piechowicz

great book, great reading, the narrators really help me get into it

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