God after Einstein: What’s Really Going On in the Universe?

Written by:
John F. Haught
Narrated by:
Malcolm Hillgartner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
9 hours 1 minute
A leading theologian presents a hopeful account of the universe after Einstein, exploring it as a meaningful drama of awakening.

Before the early twentieth century, scientists and theologians knew almost nothing about time’s enormity and the corresponding immensity of space. But after Einstein, cosmology offers theology a whole new way of looking at the ageless questions about matter, time, God, cosmic purpose, and the significance of our lives. The universe need no longer be thought of simply as an endless reshuffling of lifeless and mindless atoms in a pointless series of moments. Rather, the universe is a temporal drama of awakening whose meaning can be revealed only gradually by looking, in a spirit of anticipation and hope, toward the horizon of the cosmic future.

In conversation with Einstein’s ideas and opinions, John F. Haught develops here a new cosmological understanding of the meaning of God, time, eternity, mystery, life, thought, freedom, and faith. In doing so he offers readers a new way of understanding the relationship of science to theology.
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