Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Written by:
Louie Giglio
Narrated by:
Jason Dyba

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
6 hours 46 minutes
How do we overcome those battles in our lives that we always seem to be fighting? Learn to overcome the “giants” in your life—the fears and insecurities that keep you from reaching your full potential.

It’s likely you have a threatening giant in your life: an adversary or stronghold that’s diminishing your ability to live a full and free life. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, or addiction, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives. Demoralized and defeated, we settle for far less than his best.

In Goliath Must Fall, pastor Louie Giglio uncovers a newfound twist in the classic story of David and Goliath. It is not God's plan for you to live with a giant standing in the middle of your life, demoralizing you day after day. Our freedom and God's glory are forever interwoven into one story. God does want us to live free. He wants us to recognize that He's already killed the giant.

In Goliath Must Fall, discover:

- Hope and encouragement that God has a better plan for you—a plan for you to live in victory
- Powerful insights from the Biblical story of David 
- How to silence your giants once and for all

The key to living free from our giants is not better slingshot accuracy but keeping our eyes on the one and only giant-slayer—Jesus. Once you understand the source of your giants, you can ensure that whatever your affliction is, it can, will, and must fall with the power of Jesus. Put your hope in God and watch Goliath fall.
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Jenny E.

amazing book with hard truths to swallow. definitely goes to the heart.

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Great book for women

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Insightful lessons from the story of David and Goliath as well as other relatable anecdotes on identifying and defeating threatening giants in our lives. Giglio brings it all together by reminding us that although God strengthens and fights on our behalf because He loves us, it is ultimately for his great glory. It was a refreshing and critical reminder as it’s so easy for us to be overly focused on ourselves.

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Grace M.

Good encouragement. Thank you for sharing pastor Louie.

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Benjamin H

Solid insight

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