Good Money Habits In 17 Minutes Per Day: The Little Green Money Book

Good Money Habits In 17 Minutes Per Day: The Little Green Money Book

Written by:
Harry N. Stout
Narrated by:
Machelle Williams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
2 hours 9 minutes
Survey after survey reports that Americans have poor money skills and low levels of financial knowledge. They lack education and training in money matters. Many are using social media outlets for money questions and knowledge. At the same time these households have just experienced a pandemic that has reset how they value and approach money. They need a trusted knowledge resource to help them gain financial security.

A new book from personal finance thought leader Harry N. Stout has been written to help do just that. Good Money Habits in 17 Minutes Per Day provides the structure and framework to accomplish this. Harry has taken his over 30 years of experience in personal finance and created a simplified book to aid readers in their quest for money knowledge. He asks readers to dedicate two hours per week or 17 minutes per day to money matters. 

The book simplifies the complex world of personal finance and distills it into an easy-to-understand discussion of what money habits and knowledge are needed to achieve basic financial security. The book presents the actions and resources readers can take to rapidly improve their financial situation. it covers:

The Pandemic Money Reset – Values, Spending and Priorities

The Financial Stages of Life and The Must-Do Actions Needed During Each Stage

- Adulting – To Age 30
- Striving – Ages 31 to 70
- Fulfilling- Over Age 70

The Six Building Blocks to Financial Security

- Determining Where You Stand
- Rethinking Financial Values
- Improving Financial Knowledge
- Focusing Your Money Mindset
- Developing Your Cash Plan
- Improving Your Money Habits
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