Graves on the Fens

Written by:
Joy Ellis
Narrated by:
Henrietta Meire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
10 hours 50 minutes
From two-million-selling author Joy Ellis comes one of the most keenly anticipated mysteries this year.

It arrives in the morning. An old-fashioned airmail envelope addressed to Detective Nikki Galena. Inside, on a single sheet of blue airmail paper, are three words: You failed me.

The second airmail envelope arrives at Nikki's home address. The same message. Only this time, it's followed by four names: Alexandra Cornfield, Ruth Baker, Bethany Lyons, Leanne Delaney.

Four missing women. Four local women whose bodies were never found.

The contents of the third letter, delivered by motorcycle courier, are even more disturbing.

The letter leads directly to the discovery of a body buried in a shallow grave out on the Fens. And Nikki and her partner Detective Joseph Easter are plunged into a baffling murder investigation.

Someone appears to be pursuing a personal vendetta against Nikki-and she has no idea who, or why. But one thing she does know: whoever it is is playing a very twisted game-and if Nikki and her team don't stop them, more deaths will follow.
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