GreenLight: When God Says Go

Written by:
Dr. Shelly M Cameron
Narrated by:
Brittany Wilkerson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
3 hours 29 minutes
GreenLight is about finding out the will of the Lord. We find that out step-by-step walking with Him. We cannot get green lights before we are on the road. At the lights, we are told what to do. When we get to life's intersections whether it's decision-making, career, business, or relationships, He tells us what to do. In this book of Prayers, you will find: Inspirational Short Stories and Exhortations to Uplift You, Prayers for Difficult Journeys, and Devotions to Boost Your Prayer Life. Through her books on Success, Dr. Shelly Cameron challenges individuals to take the steps to accomplish their goals and aspirations. As Author, Speaker, and Coach, Dr. Cameron holds Graduate degrees in Organizational Leadership, Health Administration, and HR Development. An avid believer in Prayer, she has traveled as far as Kenya East Africa to share her Passion for Prayer and its link to Personal Development. She believes that All Things are Possible with God.
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Claudette D.

Dr. Shelly Cameron has a talent for taking scripture and making it easy and relevant for anyone to understand. Each devotion is short and sweet but loaded with nuggets of wisdom. Highly recommend!

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Patricia S.

This book is refreshing. Such an open reflection on life. It soothes the heart and calms the soul. Strongly recommend!

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Ann M.

Food for the soul

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Charmaine H.

Excellent, motivating.words that come readily to my mind after listening to GreenLight.I thoroughly enjoyed GreenLight, it is indeed inspirational, from the beginning to the end. The author Dr. Shelly Cameron uses language that is simple and easily understood, which I appreciated. and I am sure other listeners will find that enticing. The narration is above par and can be described as soothing and captivating. Although written from a Christian point of view and with biblical quotes and references, anyone who is spiritual or believes in GOD will find GreenLight appealing., Without hesitation I highly recommend GreenLight

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Devotions are short on point and encouraging.

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