Grey In The Dark: Gethin Grey Book 2

Written by:
John Lincoln
Narrated by:
Tim Treloar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 48 minutes
Too many people loved Kelly Rowland. One of them killed her, but was it the man in prison for her murder?

Gethin Grey is back in the game. His wife may have left him and he's struggling with life as a single father, but now he's got his biggest case in years. The brutal murder of a young woman called Kelly Rowland has been the talk of the South Wales valleys. Even the conviction of a neighbour, a builder called Morgan Hopkins, failed to stop the gossip. There were too many other suspects still around, among them a pair of coppers: brother and sister.

So Gethin was delighted when Morgan's family stumped up the money to pay him and his Last Resort Legals team to reinvestigate the case. But when a new lead takes him undercover into a support group for recovering addicts, Gethin has to confront his own demons.

Moving from the former mining towns of the valleys to the shiny new waterfront developments of Cardiff, taking in adult puppet shows and piercing parlors, derelict mines and country clubs, Grey In The Dark lays bare a world in which sex and money collide and everyone has their secrets.
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