Guilt by Association

Guilt by Association

Written by:
Gregory Ashe
Narrated by:
Tristan James
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
11 hours 37 minutes
Everything in Emery Hazard’s life is finally going well: his boyfriend, Nico, is crazy about him; he has a loyal partner at work; and he has successfully closed a series of difficult murders. By all accounts, he should be happy. What he can’t figure out, then, is why he’s so damn miserable.

After a fight with Nico, Hazard needs work to take his mind off his relationship. And someone in town is happy to oblige by murdering the sheriff. The job won’t be easy; the sheriff had enemies, lots of them, and narrowing down the list of suspects will be difficult. Difficult, but routine.

The arrival of a special prosecutor, however, throws the case into turmoil, and Hazard and Somers find themselves sidelined. With an agenda of his own, the prosecutor forces the case toward his favorite suspect, while Hazard and Somers scramble to find the real killer. As the people they care about are drawn into the chaos, Hazard and Somers have to fight to keep what they love--and to keep each other. To find the killer, they will have to reveal what each has kept buried for years: their feelings for each other.

And for Hazard, that’s a hell of a lot scarier than murder.
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Enjoyable read, but the plot this time seemed a bit capricious, less well interwoven, and it was hard to understand at times how the principal characters suddenly followed up on new leads. As usual, Somerset can't control his drinking (it's become pretty predictable) and Hazard continues to be so solidly resistant to showing any kind of empathy (also predictable and at times a tiresome trait), but at least by this fourth book they finally came together as a romantic couple and not just policing partners!

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Yo when is the 5th book getting put on here. I adore this series

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