Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity

Written by:
Jamie Metzl
Narrated by:
Eric Jason Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
11 hours 0 minutes
From leading geopolitical expert and technology futurist Jamie Metzl comes a groundbreaking exploration of the many ways genetic-engineering is shaking the core foundations of our lives-sex, war, love, and death.

At the dawn of the genetics revolution, our DNA is becoming as readable, writable, and hackable as our information technology. But as humanity starts retooling our own genetic code, the choices we make today will be the difference between realizing breathtaking advances in human well-being and descending into a dangerous and potentially deadly genetic arms race.

Enter the laboratories where scientists are turning science fiction into reality. Look towards a future where our deepest beliefs, morals, religions, and politics are challenged like never before and the very essence of what it means to be human is at play. When we can engineer our future children, massively extend our lifespans, build life from scratch, and recreate the plant and animal world, should we?

Passionate, provocative, and highly illuminating, Hacking Darwin is the must-listen book about the future of our species for fans of Homo Deus and The Gene.
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A thought provoking, societal ethics examining must read!

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Pranay B.

Very interesting book that covered a lot of my ponderings from grad school and daily work life around genetics. I'd recommend it to folks that would like a high level overview of what the field has achieved and what are some of the exciting tangents that can be extrapolated from here.

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Liene R.

Great book and good narrator.

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Ray Gaetjens

A very eye opening book. I'm half amazed at the intellectual powers of humanity and scared shitless at what the average person will do with this technology. If our approach to this new age is the same as how we handled this pandemic, than we could be in grave danger. The experts are humanity's only hope for manuvering through this future minefield. Now if only the people will listen to them and not their ignorance and fear. Let us hope for the best.....

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Jose victor G.

interesting topic ... glad I came across this book ...

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sketches the developments and possible future of genetic engineering in a vivid way, the road to genetic engineering seems to be seen as a straightforward one rather than a generations long and bumpy one making the policy discussion of the book less relevant

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Paul N.

Very much enjoyed the book. Top marks

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