HALO: Primordium

Written by:
Greg Bear
Narrated by:
Timothy Dadabo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
8 hours 59 minutes
The second novel of the Forerunner Saga trilogy by science fiction legend Greg Bear—set in the Halo universe and based on the New York Times bestselling video game series!

One hundred thousand years ago. In the wake of the apparent self-destruction of the alien Forerunner empire, two humans—Chakas and Riser—are like flotsam washed up on very strange shores indeed. Captured by the Forerunner known as the Master Builder and then misplaced during a furious battle in space, Chakas and Riser now find themselves on an inverted world, where horizons rise into the sky and humans of all kinds are trapped in a perilous cycle of horror and neglect. They have become both research animals and strategic pawns in a cosmic game whose madness knows no end—a game of ancient vengeance between the powers who seeded the galaxy with life, and the Forerunners who expect to inherit their sacred Mantle of Responsibility to all living things.

In the company of a young girl and an old man, Chakas begins an epic journey across a lost and damaged Halo ringworld in search of a way home, an explanation for the warrior spirits rising up within, and the reason for the Forerunner Librarian’s tampering with human destiny. Their travels will take them into the domain of a powerful and monstrous intelligence—known as “the Captive” by Forerunners, and “the Primordial” by ancient human warriors, this being may not only control the fate of Chakas, Riser, and the rest of humanity, but of all sentient life across the galaxy…
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Robert K.

This book doesn't start off where Cryptum left off. It takes some adjustment if you're coming off a Cryptum high. It was still interesting though. But once the story line started to tie back together with Cryptum I couldn't stop listening. I really enjoyed it overall and look forward to the next book.

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I found it really boring. Cryptum was a lot better.

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I read this and listened to it. This book is incredible and puts a new perspective on vital characters in the Halo universe. The story is slow to unravel but it is worth the wait. You cannot go wrong furthering the richness of Halo lore. Greg Bear is awesome. The narrator is amazing as well. He made feel like he really was Chakas.

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D.L. Phillips

This definitely qualifies as filling in some blanks. For that, I enjoyed the listen. However, this is not the book for the faint of heart. It’s like the author is trying to appease a certain ideology class in the USA rather than creating an original story line. It’s almost like Bill Gates told his propaganda staff to insert a western freshman philosophy class into a science fiction series and only allowed students from Berkeley and activists from Portland into the editor’s confidence room. The backstory fits better than the writing did.

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