Harvest Moon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
5 hours 32 minutes
Elizabeth Fairfield is a powerful book witch with a lofty legacy to uphold. Much to her chagrin, that legacy has mainly involved caring for the family’s enchanted house, Dark Hollow, and their sanctuary for animal companions. When Elizabeth finally stretches her wings and visits an old friend in Salem, Massachusetts, her trip takes a dark turn. A prestigious psychic has been found dead under puzzling circumstances and Hex Support, the secret division within the Federal Bureau of Magic, once again leans on the Fairfield witches by calling upon Elizabeth for help. Thankfully it isn’t all gruesome puzzle-solving for the book witch. During the investigation, she crosses paths with Nathan, a werewolf with the body of a gym rat and the brains of a professor. Suddenly Elizabeth finds herself wanting to explore more than just his books...until the evidence points to him. Will Elizabeth experience her first taste of failure and let a killer go free, or will she rise to the challenge and prove herself worthy of the Fairfield name?
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