Hawker and the King's Jewel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
12 hours 7 minutes
In the twilight of the Wars of the Roses, one knight carries out a final mission for his fallen king...

August 1485. Grizzled knight Sir John Hawker carries a heavy burden on his shoulders, but a chance for atonement beckons when his liege lord, King Richard III, charges Hawker with two secret missions.

However, when Richard falls at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Hawker hastens to fulfil his final duty to the king. But the usurping Tudors have discovered Hawker’s quest, and are hot on his heels.

The Tudors know that Hawker carries with him two things; the king’s priceless ruby, rumoured to be cursed, and a Plantagenet heir...

And they know where he’s going.

A breath-taking cat and mouse chase across medieval Europe, from Bosworth to Venice, this is perfect for fans of Christian Cameron and David Gilman.

Praise for ´Hawker and the King’s Jewel´:

'A brutal, brilliant tale, told with verve and pace. Hawker is a terrific creation' - Bernard Cornwell

'Bale takes the reader from the terror of battle where a crown is lost and won to the sparkling jewel that is Venice, teeming with intrigue and treachery. Great storytelling' - David Gilman, author of the Master of War series
Writing both under his pen name Ethan Bale and his real name, Clifford Beal was a defence journalist in both Washington and London before turning to pen historical novels, non-fiction, and short stories. Despite covering modern military technology for much of his professional career, he has always been passionate about times past, particularly the Renaissance and early modern Europe.
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