Head Over Feet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
7 hours 53 minutes
Princess Aubrey of Malquar has loved Grady Basset since they were kids. She followed him and her brother around wherever they went; she wrote his name in her diary repeatedly; and she even practiced saying her name with his last name-for years.

There's only one problem. Grady has never shown any romantic interest in her.

As the son of the king's secretary, Grady grew up playing with the royal children. His best friend is Prince Alistair, the second in line for the throne. While he's drawn to Princess Bree, he knows that there's no way they can be together. Bree's station is too far above his.

As the captain of the royal yacht, Grady sees Bree often, but in recent months the princess has been rude, belligerent, and an all-around pain in the butt. When unforeseen circumstances have Grady taking Bree on a cruise in the Mediterranean-alone-things really start to heat up.

Will Grady finally give Bree a chance? Will it be too late?
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