The Health, Wealth, and Spirit Master Course

The Health, Wealth, and Spirit Master Course

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
15 hours 3 minutes
This new master course presents selections carefully edited for specific topics from the Nightingale Conant panel of 39 best-selling authors. We searched through hours of content from their courses to present their expertise on the topic of discussion in each chapter. The host of our Master Course series provides additional information and continuity for each lesson that showcases a wide variety of author segments, creating a power-packed, topic-driven session for each chapter. This format adds more information with more sessions and more author variety than any other audio book can offer.  

This course features 45 topics to find your balance. Discover thinking skills...your health and financial fitness information...and the power of your spiritual adventure on this planet. 

This 'Best Of' compilation master course presents best-selling Nightingale Conant experts on health to wealth issues that will set the course to change your life. 

Each of us seeks answers to questions that have played on the minds of humans since time began. 

How long can we live? There is proof of your opportunity to live a full lifestyle of more than 100 years. 

Can we make our dreams come true? Passions create the joy and fulfillment needed to extend a rich fun life. 

Can religion and science coexist, or does one cancel out the other? Science and philosophy have led the human mind for centuries and this course presents both time-tested and new data that shows both are moving closer together in our 21st century.  
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