The Heavenly Life

Written by:
James Allen
Narrated by:

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
1 hour 34 minutes
James Allen’s most famous work, As A Man Thinketh, has gained almost cult status among those studying spiritual mysticism. He wrote all of his works without copyright for the benefit of man, and this work, The Heavenly Life, one of his more obscure writings, contains the wisdom of the meaning of spiritual oneness with God.

Very good and insightful. A must listen or read for any Christian searching for more depth. Narrated perfectly for the tone of the book.

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Lydya O

I love the tone and phase , so naturally delivered l happy and grateful.Feeling blessed

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Angela B.

Lovely book and full of inspiration.

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Love this book so inspiring truly a heavenly life thank you

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I loved the Narrator in this James Allen Book more that some of his others. Again He Is a Brilliant Auther, and if he were alive in this time period I would ask how he came to this wisdom of the universe? For God I know must of been impressed for there are few who have come to find the knowledge still today. Thank You James Allen , where ever you are.

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Gary C.

The narration was spot on. The tone and cadence of the reader made the book’s content great. All self help books should be done this way.

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Katrina S.

Looks interesting

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Enlighten yourself with this heavenly treasure book. It contains absolute truths that only can be lived in the sincere action of the now moment to find your within heavean trough your true self and pure love. A must read and a must live alike.

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