Hell and Back

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
9 hours 39 minutes
In Hell and Back, the eighteenth installment of the Longmire series, author Craig Johnson takes the beloved sheriff to the very limits of his sanity to do battle with the most dangerous adversary he's ever faced—himself

What if you woke up lying in the middle of the street in the infamous town of Fort Pratt, Montana, where thirty young Native boys perished in a tragic 1896 boarding school fire? What if every person you encountered in that endless night was dead? What if you were
covered in blood and missing a bullet from the gun holstered on your hip? What if there was something out there in the yellowed skies—along with the deceased and the smell of ash and dust—something the Northern Cheyenne refer to as the Éveohtsé-heómese, the
Wandering Without, the Stealer of Souls? What if the only way you know who you are is because your name is printed in the leather sweatband of your cowboy hat, and what if it says Walt Longmire—but you don’t remember him?
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Craig Johnson's writing and George Guidall's narrating has ruined me! I writing is so snarky, quick-witted, deep, and emotional all at the same time. The narrating keeps each book rolling. I just can't get enough of this duo! Every book I listen to after this series seems dull, and I find myself starting the Longmire series over.

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Marti W.

I always loved the hint of mysterious Craig Johnson included in his stories featuring Walt Longmire, his family, and friends. This book was, for my personal opinion, too much so. I admire his creative and imaginative mind and yet prefer more of just a touch rather than full blown Science Fiction (almost) that to Hell and Back portrayed.

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Dennis C.

Very slow not a good Craig Johnson book.

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Tammy S.

Johnson’s writing always intrigued me!

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I've been reading (listening, as it were) to the Walt Longmire novels a long time now and I very much enjoyed this one. I really like the difference in this one, a little supernatural, going into the mythology of some of the Native peoples and adding in the true story of what happened at Fort Pratt as part of the story (also a bit of an interlude/palette cleanser kind of feeling). I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, so I really didn't mind the supernatural element and really enjoyed it. As always, very well written by Craig Johnson and well read by George Guidall.

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Nancy S.

Lol love Walt Longmire lol I thought it was a super natural book loved it!

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