Her Heart's Promise

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
6 hours 41 minutes
As the plain older sibling to two beautiful sisters, Nadine Laidlaw is used to being overlooked. But she refuses to let her late father's employer overlook his suspicious death. She aims to use her job as editor of the town newspaper to probe into the case, but there's only one problem. Her secret high school crush Clint just took over the paper, and he wants the story buried . . .

With her past feelings bubbling to the surface, Nadine continues to butt heads with her handsome boss. At the same time, she needs to deal with a sick mother, a matchmaking grandmother, and a fake boyfriend who turns out to be all too real. When Clint reveals a hidden truth about the past, Nadine has to make a choice: continue the quest for justice or find room in her busy life for love . . .
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The main character was not developed well, portrayed as being very smart. but her actions were immature and at times just stupid. Overall I liked the plot, but too much reflecting over and again of same topics...to the point of being frustrating. It will be a long time before I read anything else from this author. I am sorry to be so blunt.

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