The Hex Files Bundle, Books 1-3

Written by:
Gina Lamanna
Narrated by:
Allyson Ryan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
25 hours 19 minutes
This bundle includes books 1-3 in the Hex Files series, a fast-paced paranormal mystery series with a kickass heroine, hilarious sidekicks, and an immersive world that will pull you in faster than you can say pizza. Book 1, Wicked Never Sleeps: Wicked—the paranormal sixth borough of New York—is home to witches and goblins, werewolves and necromancers, elves and vampires…and former Detective Dani DeMarco. She’s busy with the grand opening of her family’s pizza parlor when a knock on the door leaves her face to face with the stunning yet lethal vampire in charge of the NYPD's supernatural branch—and he needs her help with a high-profile double homicide. Book 2, Wicked Long Nights: When a powerful witch goes missing from NYPD, Dani is dragged out of retirement to assist her sometimes boyfriend, sometimes boss in locating the detective before it’s too late. Book 3, Wicked State of Mind: When a high-profile young elf is kidnapped and destined for death, Dani’s forced to go toe to toe with a kidnapper who has unlocked a secret so potent it could destroy an entire race of paranormals.
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Alexina K.

What great stories - I love all the paranormal people and their powers. The narration is excellent - just perfect!

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Carrie H.

Story started out good but ends up with too much teen angst. The lead character is a drama queen and not something I enjoy reading about. I did enjoy the paranormal parts of the story.

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Marie P.

Sweet tale .. catching the criminals with a twist .. enjoyed. Wonderful characters. Excellent narration.

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