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Hidden Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
12 hours 26 minutes
Six months ago, Lucas Davenport tackled his first case as a statewide troubleshooter, and he thought that one was plenty strange enough. But that was before the Russian got killed. On the shore of Lake Superior, a man named Vladimir Oleshev is found shot dead, three holes in his head and heart, and though nobody knows why he was killed, everybody - the local cops, the FBI, and the Russians themselves - has a theory. And when it turns out he had very high government connections, that's when it hits the fan.' A Russian cop flies in from Moscow, Davenport flies in from Minneapolis, law enforcement and press types swarm the crime scene - and, in the middle of it all, there is another murder. Is there a relationship between the two? What is the Russian cop hiding from Davenport? Is she - yes, it's a woman - a cop at all? Why was the man shot with ... fifty-year-old bullets? Before he can find the answers, Davenport will have to follow a trail back to another place, another time, and battle the shadows he discovers there - shadows that turn out to be both very real and very deadly.
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Julie Wilson

I had read this one before but enjoyed it just as much as if I had not read it at all. John Sandford is such a good author. I would recommend all of his Lucas Davenport books.

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This book isn't bad but it gets a little long in the tooth and it loses you at times with all the characters.

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This is just a mildly interesting, generally not -too-horrible tale. There's a lot of old school Cold War stuff that seems incredily dated and not too pertinent in today's world. This novel took a LOT in the way of willing suspension of disbelief but then, I have a long commute and it WAS better than lame talk radio. Talk about faint praise...

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Dan Pressley

The book bordered on ok. The reader was good at the voice acting but sounded like he was reading during non-dialogue parts. Not the best voice actor around. The story was ok but I felt nothing for the characters. They seemed to be mostly one-dimensional and there was not much depth to them. I've heard far better murder/mystery detective stories like The Last Detective, Kill The Messenger or Saving Faith.

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It was a very good action yarn and definately kept my interest but, at the end of the book, I was left wondering at the weakness of the plot.

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