High Five

Written by:
Janet Evanovich
Narrated by:
Debi Mazar

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2003
2 hours 32 minutes
Out of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial footsteps of Super Bounty Hunter, Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises. So, a scumball blows himself to smithereens on her first day of policing a crack house and the sheik she was chauffeuring stole the limo. But hey, nobody's perfect! Anyway, Stephanie has other things on her mind. Her mother wants her to find Uncle Fred who's missing after arguing with his garbage company; homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez is back, quoting scripture and stalking Stephanie; vice cop Joe Morelli has a box of condoms with Stephanie's name on it; and Stephanie's afraid Ranger has his finger on her trigger. The whole gang's here for mirth and mayhem in Janet Evanovich's High Five. Listen at your own risk in public places.
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Stephanie B.

The narrator read too fast to really enjoy listening. She seemed to be rushing through and as a result there was no depth to any of the characters voices.

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While I wasn’t crazy over the narrator she at least read a pretty funny book and had me laughing out loud at the perfect drops Stephanie Plum says. Still a book I’d want to listen to again. Maybe while eating fried chicken and beer?

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Mary B.

The narrator is awful And annoying. I missed the previous narrator

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Tiffany B.

I just started to listen to these books, this reader is terrible, complete waste of money.

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Susan K.

The story was great but the narrator was terrible compared to the narrator who read the first few books.

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Gregory A.

Worst narration of an audio book I’ve ever heard - absolutely unlistenable. Waste of money getting this or any other she may have read.

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Mary S.

This voice wasn’t the best for this book. She didn’t change voices much between characters.

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Susan L.

She sounded like a robot and didn’t put any emotion into her reading. She did not do the different voices for each of the characters. Wish that Lorelei king was reading.

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Kristy M.

Was read way to fast. I can’t get past the first 10 mins. I usually love Stephanie Plum books. But will skip the next 2 books read by this narrator

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Megan E

I love the Stephanie plum series! Janet is such a great author and the characters are all hilarious and she's really good at giving them back stories so that you really feel like you know them! Can't wait to read them all!!

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Kelli N

I felt like this book was too Abridged and did not fill in all of the gaps.

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Renae Roepke

It was too fast, and had no variance in character voices. I will not down load another book with her name on it.

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Tina Mitchell

Didn't mind the narrator as much as I was disappointed about the book being abridged. Unabridged is so much better.

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