Hotel Portofino: Lovers and Liars: A MAJOR ITV DRAMA

Written by:
J. P O’connell
Narrated by:
Esther Wane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
11 hours 33 minutes
Romance, intrigue, and dangerous ambitions combine to create the perfect escape: welcome to the beautiful Hotel Portofino on the magical Italian Riviera.   


It is the summer of 1927 and Hotel Portofino is prospering under Bella’s stewardship. As the season begins, Bella is keenly looking forward to her son Lucian’s imminent arrival and the chance to discuss with him her plans to convert the hotel’s basement into a spa. But then Bella’s husband Cecil turns up unannounced,

Over the course of several hot weeks in the middle of the Italian summer, Bella is forced to confront the reality of her relationship with Cecil and to decide to what extent she is prepared to go against social convention to get what she wants. As she welcomes her guests, old and new, an anonymous visit from a travel guide inspector threatens to make or break the hotel’s future.

Enjoy a new season at Hotel Portofino, a heady historical drama set during the 1920s. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and The Durrells.
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