The House of Love and Death

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
10 hours 25 minutes
Cameron Winter was born with a 'strange habit of mind'-the ability to recreate detailed crime scenes in his imagination and dissect the motives and encounters that produced them. And after reading a puzzling news story about a wealthy family killed in a small town in the Chicago suburbs, he can't resist the chance to apply this deductive power in the pursuit of justice for the victims.

Three members of the family, along with their live-in nanny, were pulled from their burning mansion, already dead from gunshot wounds. The only survivor is a young boy whose memory of the event raises more questions than answers. The police seem happy to settle on a simple explanation and arrest the most obvious suspect-but Winter knows that obvious solutions are seldom the correct ones.

While Winter's investigation is welcomed by many, the lead detective makes it clear he not only wants Winters to stop looking for answers, but to stay out of his town altogether. Winter begins to understand why as he slowly uncovers crimes and unsavory behavior that had been ignored long before the killings, and in the process grows increasingly determined to find the real killer and expose the rot beneath the town's sanitized fa├žade. And as the inquiry brings all-too-familiar sins to the surface, he'll have to confront his own inner demons once and for all.
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Andre M.

Very engaging story, the protagonist in book three is developing even more character. In very much enjoying where this series is going. Camron Winter is a fully fleshed character with distinctive personality and character flaws, and personal growth, with continuing development. The story is engaging and moves at a good pace. Narrator does a good job with subtleties and individual voices. A pleasing read all around, can't wait for book four.

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Ross M.

The story is entertaining and clever. The narration begins in a mediocre presentation but it gets better and it is clear to listen to while driving.

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Simply horrendous. The narration is total cheeseball. The premise of a lonely poetry professor and former government assassin who sticks his nose into crime solving is preposterously laughable. I can't believe this is real, maybe it is supposed to be a farce? I hope so, because otherwise there is no excuse for this awful writing...a 40 something male character who repeats the phrase "girl world" more than half a dozen times in a book, while creepily ogling every female character from 15 to 70, no thank you!!

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