How Children Thrive: The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids

Written by:
Mark Bertin Md
Narrated by:
Walter Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
6 hours 44 minutes
How do children thrive? As a parent, you probably think about this all the time. You want your children to have happy, healthy, and meaningful lives-but what's the best way to support them? In How Children Thrive, developmental pediatrician and parent Dr. Mark Bertin provides a positive, simple, and empowering approach for raising children of all ages. Bringing together mindfulness, new science on brain development, and the messy reality of being a parent, Dr. Bertin has a created a breakthrough guide that will help children-and their parents-flourish.

Research has shown that the key to raising resilient, kind, and independent children lies in executive function, our mental capacity to manage just about everything in life. 'Despite its wonky, overly scientific name, there is nothing complicated about building executive function,' Dr. Bertin writes. 'It's actually a lot more straightforward and less anxiety-provoking than most of the parenting advice out there.' Through concise, easily applied chapters, Dr. Bertin provides simple strategies for helping your children develop healthy EF while taking care of yourself and enjoying your family.
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