How to Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct

Written by:
Greg Gutfeld
Narrated by:
Steve Kramer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2015
5 hours 48 minutes
It's not enough to be right, these days—especially when you're not left.
To survive, the right must learn how to express nonliberal principles as effectively as possible, and persuade others of their point of view. It is an art that demands patience, research, humor, understanding, creative thinking, learning from your opponent and even mimicking their tactics.
In How to Be Right: the Art of Being Persuasively Correct, Gutfeld reveals the strategies that have helped him keep a steady job for almost three decades.  From “Discard Your Outrage” and “Outcompassion Them” To “Find the Right’s Obama” and “Use your Mom,” Gutfeld gives readers the tools they’ll need to argue, influence, and convince their friends, family and foes throughout the 2016 election cycle.
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Greg is brilliant on TV. The thoughts in the book lacked his excellent delivery and attitude, and therefore did not provide the same jaw-dropping awe that he provides on TV.

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Jack Brown

Outstanding guide to truly making the case for conservatism! Always been a Gutfeld fan and this made me even more of one. It has really been an eye opener for me in how I communicate and convey my positions in politics and life in general. Highly recommend it - only wish it had been narrated by Gutfeld himself - he's got a unique tone and cadence in his speak.

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