How to Gain Strength from Nature: Sitting in Your Living Room

How to Gain Strength from Nature: Sitting in Your Living Room

Written by:
Robert B. Stone
Narrated by:
Joe Nuckols
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
6 hours 11 minutes
There is a great deal more to living with nature than simply going green. Nature is not just our physical survival; nature is our gateway to a much fuller life. Robert B. Stone explains in great detail the steps you can take even in a big city to connect with nature and enhance your health, energy, peace of mind, earning capacity, relationships, and happiness.

The mind controls the body. By turning the mind to nature’s scenes, you are attuning your mind, and therefore your body, to creation and therefore to life itself. Try a moment of relaxed memory of some favorite natural spot. Then a moment of imagining yourself crossing your busiest thoroughfare in the midst of traffic. 

- When you mentally picture, your body believes you. 
- When you mentally picture life expressing to its fullest, your life is able to express more fully.

Robert B. Stone, PhD, is highly qualified to help you in this regard by having taught right-brain activation for decades by assisting people in seminars all over the world to daydream creatively; by best-selling audio courses; and by his scores of books with millions of copies in print in 15 languages.
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