How To Make Money

Written by:
B.F. Austin
Narrated by:
Jerry Clifford

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
1 hour 25 minutes
The purpose of these lessons is to raise the mental and spiritual vibrations of the student to inspire hope, faith, courage to awaken larger thought within the mind, inspire greater plans and purposes and awaken the dormant energy in the life to fire the enthusiasm and call into active service hidden talent which the student, possibly, does not dream at his present stage of unfoldment, he possesses. In short our purpose is to awaken men from mental slumber, show the unlimited resources in human nature, the unseen yet
open doors to mental wealth first, then as a natural sequence to wealth in material conditions, and thus enlarge and ennoble the life as well as add to its material expressions.
The purpose of the true teacher who is ever the true physician as well must always be the 'more abundant life' of which the Nazarene spoke and taught. To disclose that life, abounding life, in all its fullness and beauty and point out the laws by which it is gained, with wealth as a natural sequence, is the purpose of the three lessons on which we are entering.
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