Howling In The North

Narrated by:
Robin Mcconnell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
0 hours 38 minutes
Up in the North, just before the barren plains of ice, winter brings two things- silence and dark. In the summer months, the sun never sets but in winter, it never rises, and those days of frozen darkness are as long and cold as death.
When the silence that usually falls in winter is ruptured by a howling, the people of the town scramble for an explanation. How, they ask, could there be a howling, an agonized wail that sounds like a person, out on the ice where nobody could survive.
Howling in the North is the story of that sound. How it terrorized the town, how it got closer and how in the end, we found out what was causing it.
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