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Howls From the Wreckage: An Anthology of Disaster Horror
Release Date
June 2023
9 hours 35 minutes
Skies darken. Sirens wail. Buildings tremble with each distant boom. You grasp your loved ones close to you. Any second could be your last.


Howls From the Wreckage will push you to the edge of imminent disaster—and drown you in the heartbreak of its fallout.


HOWL Society Press presents its thrilling anthology of disaster horror, fittingly introduced by Nick Cutter, acclaimed author of The Troop and The Deep.


Foreword by Nick Cutter | Read by Don LaFollette

Preface by Chris O’Halloran | Read by Chris O’Halloran

'Don't Play in the Closet' by David Worn | Read by Lance Lovegood

'(>executeRelease_)' by P.L. McMillan | Read by Torchide

'Son of Yokozuro' by Caleb Stephens | Read by Joshua Davos

'Crickets' by Solomon Forse | Read by Torchide

'You Shall Return' by L.P. Hernandez | Read by DeepVoiceVA

'The Richardson Family Reunion' by Ryan Marie Ketterer | Read by Pandora Beatrix

'Casualties of a Predictable Apocalypse' by Joseph Andre Thomas | Read by Joshua Davos

'A Tornado or Something Like It' by C.B. Jones | Read by Pandora Beatrix

'Heavy Rain' by TJ Price | Read by Lance Lovegood

'Fleshies' by Thea Maeve | Read by Pandora Beatrix

'A War in Hell' by Mike Adamson | Read by Matthew Byrne

'A Thing of Habit' by Cassandra Khaw | Read by Pandora Beatrix

'Unzipped' by Bridget D. Brave | Read by Torchide

'The Last Sermon of Brother Grime' by Timaeus Bloom | Read by DeepVoiceVA

'Against the Flats' by Jennifer L. Collins | Read by Joshua Davos

'Hope is a Sad Song' by Gully Novaro | Read by Matthew Byrne

'Systemic Infection' by Michelle Tang | Read by Torchide

'Forever Home' by Chelsea Pumpkins | Read by Pandora Beatrix

'The Children of the Event' by Carson Winter | Read by James Takahashi

'Detritus' by Lindsey Ragsdale | Read by Pandora Beatrix
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