Hunting Ground

Written by:
Patricia Briggs
Narrated by:
Holter Graham

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2009
8 hours 26 minutes
Unabridged ? 10 hours

Following Cry Wolf, this is the next thrilling book in Patricia Briggs's New York Times-bestselling 'Alpha and Omega' urban fantasy series.
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Love these books!

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I've liked it because it's part of Mercyverse (not that she's here, many I've come to know do though). Still, at times I got restless with Charles' inner rage (an 'assassin's with little control?! doesn't sound very logical) & Anna's monologues... so I've skipped & skipped... each time the storyline had seemed to be stuck. Ihave to agree with others that Bran & Charles voices got mixed up, that is Bran spoke with Charles' voice & vice versa.. disconcerting to say the least. Actually, I got Bran's voice stuck in my head from Mercyverse, that voice had suited him best, okay got changed with the different narrator I think before Cry Wolf, in the novella tried to go with it only to start not knowing who spoke until I realized Bran spoke with Charles' voice. I am not being petty,, it's just that when a story is narrated, you care for that, too. Voices are important, more so when it's a series! I do not like Charles' character much in this series, he strucks me as someone full of issues, while - normally - the older you get, the less you get bothered by doubts about yourself & others' intentions... why do I have the story be narrated to me then? Good question, easy answer: I love this universe. I had all Mercy's adventures to do so, and it's easy to follow with all that background information, plus I hear the story mentioned but not described in Mercyverse from another perspective. Yep, my suggestion would be to read Mercy's stories first, you can then enjoy this series more, and yes, complain a but about what doesn't suit. There's then that thing about Nimuhe who differs from what I recall from Mercy's visit at the reservation & encounter with the grey lords... perhaps it wasn't her after all

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