Hunting Unicorns

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2006
9 hours 59 minutes
The patrician Bevan family clings to British tradition while wrestling with taxes, tree blight, and family skeletons.

Rory, the youngest son, runs a business that rents out mansions for weddings and tours to help the owners pay upkeep on their dilapidated estates. Enter Maggie, an American TV journalist hoping to find something disreputable to write home about. Sent to London to do an exposé on the aristocracy, she hires Rory to get her access to the most private families. The two immediately clash, bickering until a romance springs up where it seemed least likely.

A delightfully funny love story exploring loyalty and family, Hunting Unicorns is ultimately about having the courage to risk everything in the pursuit of what really counts.
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