Hypnosis for Weight Loss Bundle 6 in 1: Gastric band Hypnosis to Lose Weight Fast

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Bundle 6 in 1: Gastric band Hypnosis to Lose Weight Fast

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
4 hours 59 minutes
Do you struggle to shed unwanted weight? Does it always come right back when you do lose it? Do you struggle to stay motivated with exercise, and fall into fad dieting and gimmicky gadget traps only to lose weight off your wallet rather than your waistline? 

Weight loss hypnosis can help! Weight loss and maintenance is a lifestyle, and that means getting your head in the game for healthy choices and self-discipline. 

This audiobook contains six hypnosis sessions for weight loss, including one virtual gastric band procedure session, designed to help you make the mental breakthrough you need to finally get results and see weight loss results that last. It really couldn't be any easier, and we've already done the work of gathering all of these sessions into one place! All that's left for you to do is relax and hit the play button. 

This bundle will help you:

- Crush your unhealthy cravings! 
- Relax and sleep better, letting your body repair itself
- Embrace physical activity
- Boost your body image and learn to love yourself
- Start making healthier dietary choices
- Get into a healthy eating schedule
- Improve your mood
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Use affirmations to improve your self-esteem
- Learn to build yourself up and stop the negative self-image
- Use manifestation techniques to visualize your weight loss success 
- Decrease hunger 
- Learn how to get and stay motivated
- And more!

Whether you want to lose weight now or need help keeping it off, this collection of weight loss hypnosis sessions is the key to your success. What are you waiting for? The healthier, slimmer you is screaming to be let out!

Start your weight loss journey today and purchase this audibook.

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Mildred H.

In terms of accountability, I would say this bundle works really good. By incorporating listening to at least one of these sessions each night, I am reminded every night before I sleep why I want to lose weight, and what I have to do in order to reach my goal.

Profile Avatar
Jenny P.

Wouldn’t mind if the author/narrator made more sessions. I liked them a lot!

Profile Avatar
Abigaile G.

Good audiobook that I can recommend.

Profile Avatar
Chellsea W.

Helped me and my partner to lose weight. I’m not in the lead, which makes me even more eager to lose weight – haha!

Profile Avatar
Bell W.

Was not convinced before, but now I am. There is a change happening inside of me. I can feel it.

Profile Avatar
Hendrix L.

If you don’t want to try anymore, but instead actually lose weight – give this a shot. It worked for me.

Profile Avatar
Jayson W.

I would say that this bundle is best used together with a more scientific approach. Perhaps a LCHF-diet. This hypnosis helps with the mental aspect, at least for me, more so than losing weight.

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