The Idiot

Written by:
John Kendrick Bangs
Narrated by:
Gregg Margarite

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
2 hours 18 minutes
The Idiot is anything but, yet his fellow boarders at Mrs. Smithers-Pedagog’s home for single gentlemen see him as such. His brand of creative thought is dismissed as foolishness yet it continues to get under their skin, because when you’re beneath contempt you can say what you please. – This is the first of John Kendrick Bang’s “Idiot” books and was published by Harper and Brothers in 1895. (Summary by Gregg Margarite)
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I loved it but if they spoke a bit faster it would. be better.

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Felecia B

Not bad so far its very interesting also very funny something i wouldn't read but glad I did

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Slow and not captivating

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Cayonna P.

Very thought provoking read. I must be an idiot- he was the coolest person at the table.

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Did not like it

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Susan M.

I thought this was quite boring. I didn’t finish it.

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It was ok.

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Susan H.

This is good satire on aspects of American life, and gives relief from the usual British class snobbery that we get so often in these old books. I found it quite amusing to listen to while doing mundane chores. The language is down-to-earth, and the narrator gives it the required twist of irony.

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Very insightful!!

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Connie M.

Difficult to get into, the narrator wasn’t for me and I couldn’t get past the second chapter.

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Sakhile N

Very funny and yet intelligent idiot

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Tammy W

It was ok. Not really the type of book I usually listen to

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