If We Ever Meet Again

Written by:
Ana Huang
Narrated by:
Cindy Kay , Aiden Snow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 7 minutes
One year, two opposites, and a love that will blindside and, ultimately, shatter them.

She's an aspiring interior designer who dreams of falling in love. He's an ex-football star who thinks love is a con.

She's a virgin, and he doesn't do virgins. He's cocky, infuriating, and not her type.

She wants the fairytale. He wants freedom.

Blake and Farrah shouldn't have fallen for each other the way they did: totally, completely, and irrevocably.

Because they're studying abroad in Shanghai, and they only have one year. Because forces at home threaten to rip them apart, even if they don't know it yet. And because, eventually, they must face the most heartbreaking lesson they'll ever learn: sometimes, even the greatest love can't conquer all.

Contains mature themes.
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Victoria B.

I enjoyed seeing the bonds being built between these students as they navigate a new country, foreign language, and customs. Their friendships were typical, as some paired up. Farrah and Blake had a great friendship, and their relationship was sweet and romantic. I loved how confident Farrah is and how she never hesitated to build up Blake's pride when it took a hit from his family. Blake was so in love with Farrah. She truly brought out the best in him, and he was such a great guy until he wasn't. Now, I understand Blake made a mistake. However I also can't believe he'd get himself in that much trouble. I mean, whiskey d*ck is a thing, so... Cindy Kay and Aiden Snow do a great job narrating. I love the emotion Cindy brings to Farrah's character.

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Sophie K.

If We Ever Meet Again (If Love, Book 1) is the first book in this duet series and ends with a cliffy. The synopsis drew my eyes to want to listen to this audio. A new adult romance taking place in Shanghai, China where two people who are not looking for love find it with each other. I love the vivid descriptions & details of the settings and how they play into the story. A spoonful of angst and a gradual romance beginning with friends and a whole lot of witty banter. The supporting characters assist in bringing the world to reality. Narrators Cindy Kay and Aiden Snow vocalized the character's thoughts and brought there romance to reality. Aiden Snow's deep tone and Cindy's confidence eloquently coming through her tone. Both inflections are easy to listen to.

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Nichole H.

Ok so what I loved about this book? The scenery, the food and just everything about Shanghai. I don’t know if it’s just a me thing, but I did not connect with these characters at all. I could not feel the love between them. The friend group was also a lot to keep up with in addition to the MCs. And the hero? Officially my least favorite hero to date. I will not be reading the second book because I just don’t think these two should be together. Farrah girl, you deserve better.

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Story: 3 ⭐️ Steam: 3

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Stacey g

Farrah Lin and Blake Ryan started 1 year studying aboard in Shanghai China, Farrah studying to be an interior designer and Blake Ryan is a business major. Him finally deciding what he will do after he graduates that same year. He wants to open a sport bar. But his father doesn’t understand why he didn’t want to purse his football career to go for the NFL. But both not looking for love, they both fell for one another hard. Their first true love, but something happened to alter their future forever. Will Blake be able to fix whatever that hangs over them? Or will they part with a hurt heart?

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Loved the first book and anxious to read the next two!

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Gayle D.

I purchased this book because Aiden Snow was a narrator, but I didn't enjoy the story. But if you enjoy reading stories about spoiled rich kids, then be my guest.

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