The Illusion of Simple

Written by:
Charles Forrest Jones
Narrated by:
Chris Henry Coffey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
11 hours 40 minutes
In a dry Kansas riverbed, a troop of young girls finds a human hand. This discovery leads Billy Spire, the tough and broken sheriff of Ewing County, to investigate and confront the depths of his community and of himself: the racism, the dying
economy, the lies and truths of friendship, grievances of the past and present, and even his own injured marriage.

But like any town where people still breathe, there is also love and hope and the possibility of redemption. To flyover folks, Ewing County appears nothing more than a handful of empty streets amid crop circles and the meandering, depleted
Arkansas River. But the truth of this place—the interwoven lives and stories—is anything but simple.
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