Impact: Tom Keeler Book 3

Written by:
Jack Lively
Narrated by:
Jeff Harding

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
11 hours 52 minutes
Tom Keeler finds himself in the town of Promise, Indiana. He just needs to drop off a package, then he can get back to the Florida sunshine.

But nothing's ever that simple. The package gets stolen, things get complicated.

Linda Cartwright's a happily married woman, and then someone tried to kill her on her own front lawn.

Why would they do that? Good question.

Keeler's interested, but Cartwright won't talk about it. When Cartwright's attacked a second time, Keeler begins to suspect that she's in over her head. She's a tough lady, but even tough nuts crack.

And it's not only Cartwright, bad things are happening to regular folk, all over the town of Promise.
Behind every bad deed are bad people.

And when bad people get murderous, Keeler takes it to the next level.
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