In Search of the River Jordan: A Story of Palestine, Israel and the Struggle for Water

Written by:
James Fergusson
Narrated by:
Peter Noble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
12 hours 43 minutes
A writer's travels along the legendary yet contested Jordan River-exploring the long conflict over water supply

Access to water has played a pivotal role in the Israel-Palestine dispute. Israel has diverted the River Jordan via pipes and canals to build a successful modern state. But this has been at the expense of the region's cohabitants. Gaza is now so water-stressed that the United Nations has warned it could soon become uninhabitable; its traditional water source has been ruined by years of over-extraction and mismanagement, the effects exacerbated by years of crippling blockade.

Award-winning author and journalist James Fergusson travels to every corner of Israel and Palestine telling the story of the River Jordan and the fierce competition for water. Along the way, he meets farmers, officials, soldiers, refugees, settlers, rioting youth, religious zealots, water experts, and engineers on both sides of the Green Line. Fergusson gives voice to the fears and aspirations of the region's inhabitants and highlights the centrality of water in negotiating future peace.
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Great point of view of an awful situation …

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