Increase Your Self-Esteem

Written by:
Dick Sutphen
Narrated by:
Dick Sutphen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
0 hours 59 minutes

The late Dick Sutphen, was a pioneer in the Hypnosis field. America’s foremost psychic researcher, he was also
considered to be America’s leading past-life therapist.
His subliminal recordings require that you read the information below in order to fully benefit from them and
achieve optimal results.

Example of Suggestions:
- You take complete control of your life.
- You are happy and fulfilled by your independence.
- Success becomes your way of life.
- You are self-directed and free. You feel good about yourself.
- You love and believe in yourself.
- You have high self-esteem.
- You love yourself.
- You believe in yourself.
- You do things that make you proud of yourself.

What you hear is 60 minutes of relaxing, digitally mastered stereo music. Each title uses different music and
different suggestions. Listen while you are driving, working, or doing other things. What you don’t hear are the
suggestions, which are embedded into the music. Only your subconscious mind will hear the suggestions.
What happens? Because the suggestions are not challenged by your conscious mind, they tend to be accepted by
your subconscious mind, although they can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. To be effective, you
must be favorable disposed to the programming goal. With repeated listening, the suggestions become new
beliefs. Your subconscious mind will then generate the circumstances necessary to match your day-to-day life to
your new beliefs. To generate further mental acceptance, you may also use this programming as sleep
programming. Simply listen as you fall asleep.

Make certain you are fully alert and awake at the end of this session.

As a specialist in brain/mind technology, Dick instructed medical professionals in
how to use his life-changing techniques and was often a featured speaker and
trainer at professional hypnosis conferences. Honored with many awards
throughout his career, Sutphen was a life-time honor member of the International
Hypnosis Federation. His final award was a Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian
Award presented to him by the Hypnotherapy Academy in May, 2019.
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