India Match [Dramatized Adaptation]: Agent of Exiles 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
6 hours 58 minutes
'Hunted by an ungrateful Persian royal family, the rogue agents Samuel and Mehrnaz are on the run to escape the empire they formerly served. Their destination (if they live to see it): the distant fabled land of India.
There, on the far side of the Indus, the agents find ancient perils have returned in the weapons-blasted desert left behind by the earth-shattering Mahabharata War. Nightmarish creatures that have grown giant and twisted hunt down their human prey, while other animals have metamorphosized into something stranger still.
But the deadliest menace is a man obsessed with the wasted land’s gold. With that wealth, this would-be king seeks to bring down Cyrus the Great and the Persian Empire. Against him, the agents must use all their uncanny skills and their dubious local allies: a brilliant general haunted by prophecy and a beautiful woman determined to change their future forever.
Library Journal said about Agent of Exiles 1: The League of Set: ''This series will captivate listeners with tales of action, intrigue, and magic, set amid the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt. This full-cast production makes the most of the audio medium, deftly employing music, sound effects, and multiple voices. The result is a cinematic production that is witty and engaging, but also satisfyingly sensitive and complex.''
Performed by Richard Rohan, Lynette Rathnam, Andy Brownstein, Brandon Burton, Holly Adams, Peter Holdway, Dawn Ursula, Zeke Alton, Christopher Graybill, Marni Penning, Jeff Baker, and Niusha Nawab, Ken Jackson, Duyen Washington, Wyn Delano, Jefferson Russell, Joel David Santner, Lilly Beacon, Thomas Penny, KenYatta Rogers, Darius Johnson, and Elliot Dash.'
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