Iron Lake

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2010
11 hours 48 minutes
Anthony Award-winning author William Kent Krueger crafts this riveting tale about a small Minnesota town's ex-sheriff who is having trouble retiring his badge. Cork O'Connor loses his job after being blamed for a tragedy on the local Anishinaabe Indian reservation. But he must set aside his personal demons when a young boy goes missing on the same day a judge commits suicide-and no one but O'Connor suspects foul play.
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I'm enjoying this series of books. It's the same narrator as the books by C.J Box and I find him easy to listen to.

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Barbara F.

Good story. Great narrator

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Lynne Tucker

Awesome story awesome narration enjoyed it immensely

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Debi A.

I really enjoyed this book. its not my usual kind but thats not a bad thing. I was wrong so many times in guessing who's the killer and im glad. it gets boring when u can figure out who did it or the end a quarter of the way through a book and with this one I was so wrong and it was great. there wasn't all kinds of cussing and sex like most books u hear nowadays which idc either way I dont judge but that didn't matter either it way a fun book and kept me trying to figure out who did what and hows it gonna end. so im going to recommend it to everyone I know who listens to books and my only sibling who can still read without glasses (even tho I think listening is better lol).

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Teresa D.

so many secrets for one small town!

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Rachel B.

I loved this book & the narrator! I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Luther S.

Took a little too long to get going but was a good story once it did.

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Kathrine C.

I knew part of the ending well beforehand because almost every book does this and it really makes me wonder if they all use the same guideline. There are hundreds of ways to end a book but oh no; let’s keep to the script. I enjoyed it enough to read the next one because I will be able to get for less but hopefully I won’t know the ending so far ahead.

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Couldn’t listen to much more than the first few minutes. The narrator was great but it is the first time I’ve heard a narrator taking a noisy intake of breath every few sentences on an audio book, maybe they are muted on most others? It was so off-putting that I had to abandon listening. Sorry.

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Stacey H

Oh my goodness. I had a hard time finishing this. It was a snooze and I’m being kind. The story drug out for what seemed like an eternity. Too many details that could have been spared. I will say, however, the description of the scenery was great. Made the story bearable. This was the first listen by this author, but will be my last.

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Pamela Brown

Interesting story, suspenseful, narrator is great. 1st time I have read this author, makes me interested in more of his books

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Mickey Simmons

Every book I have listened to is amazing keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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Very good and well done.

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Liked this one -- Will listen to sequel.

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J R.

Lots of twists & turns, keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. Reader was kind of Joe Friday in a good way

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