Irreplaceable: How to Create Extraordinary Places that Bring People Together

Written by:
Kevin Ervin Kelley
Narrated by:
Kevin Ervin Kelley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
7 hours 39 minutes
Do we still need physical places like grocery stores, restaurants, and office buildings? Or will the 'Replacement Economy' led by the tech titans and retail giants wipe out these venues in their rapid ascent to unicorn status?

What about museums, universities, and performing arts venues? Considering the power of technology today, can't we replace these relics with faster, cheaper, and more efficient online tools, apps, and AI?

Through engaging storytelling, human behavior insights, and proven design techniques, Kevin Kelley-an attention architect and cofounder of Shook Kelley, a strategic design firm that pioneered the field of 'convening'-unfolds why physical places are essential to civil society, business, and community.

In this book, he reveals what it takes for brick-and-mortar establishments to attract an audience and maintain a competitive edge in our increasingly digital world, whether you're a:

- Retail leader or institutional manager trying to attract people to your offering while keeping the disruptors at bay

- Student of design who values social facilitation over object-oriented design

- Concerned citizen worried about the loss of community and civility
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