Is This the End?: Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World

Written by:
David Jeremiah
Narrated by:
Tommy Cresswell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2016
9 hours 6 minutes
According to the headlines, the world is falling apart! Where's God in all of the change, conflict, and chaos? Pastor David Jeremiah offers culturally relevant and biblically accurate insights on terrorism, radicalized Islam, the new Russia, the debt crisis, and more to reveal how God's hand is at work in his unfolding plan for humanity.

Never have headlines been this jarring, cultural changes this rapid, or moral decay this pronounced. What on earth is happening? After each new occurrence, the most oft-heard questions are, “Will the world ever be the same again?” and “Where is God in all of this?”

Over the last few decades, Dr. David Jeremiah has become one of the world’s most sought-after Christian leaders on topics that deal with biblical application and modern culture. And few would dispute that the pace at which things are currently changing is unprecedented. The time has come to accept this new normal, Jeremiah says, and understand how God’s hand is still at work on His eternal plan for mankind.

Split into two sections, the book covers timely topics surrounding two important questions: Is this the end of America? and Is this the end of the world? including detailed chapters on:

- Terrorism in the world today
- ISIS and radicalized Islam
- The New Russia and its global impact
- The bleeding of America's borders and the immigration crisis
- Polarization and divisiveness politically and in our communities
- The 'anything goes' society
- The coming of Christ and the end of the world

No one can afford to ignore these warnings, but all can better understand the greater story and the role we each play in this changing world. From prophetic clues in Scripture to an understanding of the power of Christ in all believers, this book directs us on a clear path forward.

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