Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America

Written by:
Phil Robertson
Narrated by:
Milton Bagby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 41 minutes
New York Times bestselling author and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson exposes the destructive nature of American politics and calls on Christians to actively participate in advancing the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

We live in a fractured country, a country in which identity politics, creeping socialist policies, toxic social media, and the vast partisan divide threaten the very fabric of America. After decades of political decay and of losing sight of our first principles, the American people are suffering from runaway debt, increased rates of depression, broken families, moral decay, and more.

In Jesus Politics, Phil Robertson provides an alternate path: a radical call for Christians to use their freedoms to advance the agenda of the King and win back the divided soul of America.

Exploring the problems facing our country and how Jesus would respond to each, Robertson offers a clear strategy, showing us how to do good by King Jesus, bringing the kingdom of heaven to our homes, neighborhoods, churches, communities, and country.

Robertson also gives you the tools you need to apply the lessons of Jesus Politics in the voting booth and in our everyday lives, reminding us that above all, we're called to:

- Love God
- Love our neighbors
- Do whatever it takes to bring, maintain, and protect his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

Join Robertson as he takes a closer look at the problems facing America and shares how we can use our time, talents, resources, and votes to solve them as members of the kingdom. Explore a new way of thinking and acting, a way that protects and advances the policies of the King. And, if enough of us do, maybe we can become a nation that proclaims, 'In the King we trust.'
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Lisa K

Phil Robertson speaks the truth. If the people would listen and respond to what he is asking us to do, we could turn this country around.

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Jennifer B.

I couldn’t stop listening to this book. Such a God fearing man. We need more of them in this world.

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