A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Vol. 4

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2014
6 hours 42 minutes
Don't miss this fourth volume of audio drama, comedy, and biography from veteran award-winning radio dramatist Joe Bevilacqua. Together with his wife, Lorie Kellogg, Joe Bev has amassed thousands of hours of audio entertainment through both Waterlogg Productions and Blackstone Audio.

This collection includes

'Holy Smoke, or The Red-Suited Man' by Joe Bevilacqua'The Christmas That Almost Never Was' by Daws Butler'Sherlock Holmes' Creepy Christmas' by Joe Bevilacqua'A Pedro Christmas Sampler' by Pedro Pablo Sacristan'A Call from the Storm' conclusion by Jim Nixon' Scenes from the Dawes Butler Workshop, Part Two' by Daws Butler'Settling In' by J. C. De La Torre'Uncle Dunkle's Umbrella, Tire, and Jalopy' by Daws Butler'Son of Harpo Speaks, Part 2' by Bill Marx'More Teaman and Friends' by Mitchell Pearson'A Midsummer Night's Dream, Part Two' by William Shakespeare 'This Here Is Your Life, Sherlock Holmes' by Dawes Butler'Perils of the Tiger Barn' by Roger Smith
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