Juno Loves Legs

Written by:
Karl Geary
Narrated by:
Alana Kerr Collins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
8 hours 23 minutes
This is the story of two teens labeled as delinquents. Juno and Legs grow up on the same housing estate in Dublin, where spirited, intelligent Juno is ostracized for her poverty and Legs is persecuted for his sexuality, and they find safety only in each other. Set against the backdrop of Dublin in the 1980s, a place of political, social and religious change, the two friends yearn for an unbound life and, together, begin to fight to take up the space of who they truly are. As their defiance reverberates through their lives, they are further alienated from society through acts of bravery and cowardice. Finding themselves as outsiders, they are feared and watched but rarely truly seen. Told through the eyes of Juno, the story follows the pair as they begin to navigate the political and oftentimes confusing world with honesty and intuition. Caught between the rich depth of her intellect and the harsh reality of her life, Juno begins to understand how divergent a life lived and a life thought can be. Juno Loves Legs shows the frustration of feeling trapped in a life that is not yours and how friendship has the ability to lift us out of our experiences and into a truer version of ourselves. It is a novel that reminds us that kindness, bravery, and love appear in places where they are not always expected and in forms not often recognized but with a potency that cannot be ignored.
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