Knockout Entrepreneur

Written by:
George Foreman
Narrated by:
J.D. Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 19 minutes
Two-time heavyweight champion of the world and record-busting businessman George Foreman has spent his career challenging prevailing conceptions of success and achievement. In this book, he’s stepping into the ring as a coach to teach entrepreneurs the knockout business secrets that lead to extraordinary levels of success. You’ll learn how to focus on smart growth, fearlessly seize opportunities, and build an organization of significance. Knockout Entrepreneur does this by showing what it means to truly live out a new way of doing business--to be an idea wrangler and visionary who uses God-given imagination; someone who never gives up, gives in, or backs down from the hard work necessary to make it; an encourager, risk-taker, mentor, and giver in a world that often reflects the opposite; someone with integrity and generosity who doesn’t strive for titles and possessions; an amasser of wisdom over wealth. By equipping you with these principles and with strategies to help you embody them every day, Foreman provides the tools needed to come out swinging in the business world while also instilling the intrinsic knowledge that the greatest ROI is found in faith, family, and community. Backed with plenty of the author’s engaging personal stories, contemporary accounts of success, timeless wisdom, and leading questions, Knockout Entrepreneur is packed full of everything you need to put your knockout career--and life--plan into action.

Reflection questions are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.
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