Lawyer X: A True Story

Written by:
Jake Banks
Narrated by:
Sean Patrick Hopkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
8 hours 57 minutes
An American Lawyer in Paris Jail . . .

A bright young Texas lawyer determined to make it on his own leaves the DA's Office to pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney. Just months later, he finds himself at the center of an international Ecstasy drug trafficking ring. As a charismatic negotiator, Lawyer X ignores danger and resurrects a deal gone bad. Caught red-handed in Paris, France, he lands in prison indefinitely.

Isolated from his culture and marked as l'Americain, he is focused on staying alive at a time when Anglo-Franco relations are at an all-time low. Facing years in French prison and multiple life terms in the United States, Lawyer X must protect his best friend's innocence and salvage his own dignity. His mentor, a legendary Dallas attorney, fights to keep him from becoming a casualty in the War on Drugs.
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