Lead like Christ: Reflecting the Qualities and Character of Christ in Your Ministry

Written by:
A.W. Tozer
Narrated by:
Tom Parks

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
3 hours 50 minutes
As a Christian, does your leadership approach look any different from that of those who don't follow Christ? In the Bible, God showed us what leadership looks like in his kingdom, and at first a lot of it seems upside-down. The first shall be last. The master shall be the servant. But how can we apply these counterintuitive truths in our own world today? The first step, it turns out, is to become a good follower-a disciple of Christ who always lets him take the lead.

Rather than focusing on the nuts and bolts of management, Lead Like Christ looks closely at how leaders can better imitate the greatest leader of all. Looking to the example of Christ, regardless of the setting, is the only way to create the relationships, loyalty, and cohesion you need to lead well. This step of humility and obedience is not easy, but it will result in powerful, long-lasting change in both your own leadership role today as well as in God's eternal kingdom.
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